‘Grievance redress system demolished’

Former minister Mohammed Ali Shabbir has accused the TRS government of dismantling the entire mechanism of public grievances and redress across the State.

“In the absence of a permanent Peshi, all ministers and departments are functioning without an address. People have no clue as to where they can lodge a complaint or express grievances seeking their redress. This is entirely against the spirit of democracy and the Constitution,” Mr Shabbir Ali said in a media statement on Saturday.

Mr Shabbir Ali alleged that some ministers, including K. T. Rama Rao, were giving the impression that they were resolving the problems through social media platform Twitter. “This impression is mostly fake and manipulated. Only select issues are attended to and the Minister is creating a fake impression as if he is resolving all the problems addressed to him,” he claimed.

In reality, a majority of users who were sharing their problems were either being blocked by the Minister’s office or they were simply not responding to their queries, he alleged.

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