Govt Curbs Speech of Security Officials: Stopping Pension is Petty

Good Reasons for Ensuring Sanctity of Privileged Information on Nation’s Security

The inherent restraint and sense of responsibility is not shed with the proverbial sheathing of the sabre into the scabbard. The veterans view themselves as an extension of the hallowed institution, and are expected to behoove and uphold the sanctity, rectitude, and confidentiality of privileged information, that would have accrued from their service days.

It is what the legendary Scholar-Warrior, Gen James Mattis (former Defense Secretary of the US) invoked as the inviolable spirit behind the French phrase, devoir de reserve or ‘the duty of silence’ — especially outside the proverbial cantonments.

Interestingly, combatants are encouraged to call out any conduct which is unbecoming of men/women in uniform, as indeed, speaking truth to power, even to their superiors, as the cost of silence can be incalculable, given the stakes involved.

But service tenures are privileged experiences, that are expected to be handled responsibly and sensitively — and are not to be a matter of dinner table conversations or for positing in the public domain. There are good reasons for ensuring the sanctity of privileged information on the security of the sovereign, and the service personnel in/out of ‘uniforms’, understand the freight of that necessity, the foremost.

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