Gangrape of minor: six officially arrested

Gangrape of minor: six officially arrested

Accused took turns, says Police Commissioner

The police on Tuesday night formally announced the arrest of six persons, including five Children in Conflict with Law (CCL), in the sensational minor girl’s gang-rape case of Jubilee Hills and said the vehicle used in the heinous crime “seemed like a government vehicle”.

“Investigation established that one youngster Saaduddin Malik and four CCLs took turns and raped the minor, while the fifth CCL only outraged her modesty and physically assaulted her, but did not participate in penetrative sexual assault,” Hyderabad City Police Commissioner C.V. Anand said.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, the City Police Chief explained an elaborate sequence of events, minute-to-minute, that took place on May 28, the date of offence.

He said the delay in police presenting the full information was a natural one, as the case witnessed several difficulties, and corroboration of the evidence with the statement of victim took time. Footage from several CCTVs was gathered, the victim girl was spoken to, and sufficient evidence has been gathered now, he said.

Accused Saaduddin Malik and the four CCLs who were involved in the act were booked under Section 376D – gang rape, S. 323 – voluntarily causing hurt, aggravated penetrative sexual assault under POCSO Act, kidnap and inducing a minor.

The sixth CCL only molested the girl, caused her hurt and participated in the gang sexual assault (non-penetrative), he said.

Mr. Anand also said the videos that appeared in social media platforms were in fact recorded and circulated by the CCLs.

Although the police chief earlier said the investigation was completed, as press persons directions questions at him he said several minor things needed follow-up and verification.

While both the Mercedes Benz red colour car and Toyota Innova SUV were crime vehicles, the officer said the latter “seemed like a government vehicle.” However, further verification was pending.

It was also made clear that both the crime vehicles were driven by minors.

Mr. Anand paused his address several times and consulted Additional CP (L&0) DS Chauhan and DCP Joel Davis on his side for clarification. In a slip of tongue, he even uttered out the name of one of the CCLs.

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