Fight between Pavithra Lokesh and actor Naresh third wife Ramya

Fight between Pavithra Lokesh and actor Naresh third wife Ramya

There is a strong buzz in the film industry that Naresh Babu, son of veteran actor Krishna and stepbrother of  Superstar Mahesh Babu, is all set to tie the knot with Kannada actress Pavithra Lokesh. According to reports, Naresh Babu will get married for the fourth time with Pavithra Lokesh.  The reports state that they are in love with each other for  some time and have decided to take it to the next level.  It is known that Naresh is still married to Ramya. And the fight between Pavitra Lokesh and Naresh’s third wife Ramya turned ugly.  It is being heard that Ramya went to Pavithra Lokesh’ hotel room in Mysore and created a ruckus.


Few are also saying that Naresh’s third wife even tried beating Pavithra  Lokesh with her chappal but the onlookers took Ramya away.

Meanwhile Naresh’s third wife Ramya Raghupathi alleged that the actor is a womaniser and threatened her to sign on divorce papers. But Pavithra said that Naresh is a gentleman and both share good relationships.

Pavithra  Lokesh alleged that Ramya is making marriage issues public to earn  the name and fame. She  urged the Telugu media not to believe in Ramya’s claims and claimed that she and Naresh are not wife and husband.

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