Fever survey, lockdown brought down COVID admissions: DME

Senior officials from Telangana Health department said that door-to-door fever survey to identify COVID-19 suspects and lock down has led to drop in COVID-19 patient load on hospitals. Director of Medical Education Dr. K. Ramesh Reddy said that decrease in hospital admissions indicates drop in prevalence of coronavirus.

The senior official said that pandemics peak up to a point and drop. “The time it takes to peak and come down depends on the measures taken. The basic difference between the first and second lock down is the door-to-door survey. People who did not know there were positive were identified, tested, treated, and isolated. This definitely contributed to overall drop in positivity,” Dr. Ramesh Reddy said.

First round of the survey was wrapped up and second round is under way. People who were suspected to have COVID-19 are followed up.

The lock down was implemented in the State from May 12. He said that this is another factor for drop in the virus prevalence.

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