Father’s Day 2022: Do Men’s Bodies Change After Fatherhood Too?

COVID 19 Updates Father's Day 2022: Do Men’s Bodies Change After Fatherhood Too?

For instance, testosterone levels drop in many men when they become fathers and never return to pre-fatherhood levels.

Our socio-cultural norms repeatedly coach us that strength (a.k.a. testosterone) is more important to a male identity than even his bank balance; it’s the passport for change and domination.

Without adequate levels, men are perceived to be as good as castrated, an unbelievably repulsive state for many men and women under patriarchal norms.

Several medical studies in the West have now established this drop in testosterone in men’s bodies upon fatherhood as a natural fact, but information like this never reaches popular media.

I will wager the reason is that such facts make many men, and our entire patriarchal culture, weak in the knees. So, we all conspire to keep it under the rugs.

But we shouldn’t.

For one, less testosterone is linked to less aggression and increased patience levels, which is much needed with a newborn.

Additionally, studies show that lower testosterone levels allow another wonderful hormone to flourish in our bodies: oxytocin, popularly called the love hormone.

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