Electoral Bonds | The Biggest Scam in History of India? | Explained by Dhruv Rathee

Electoral Bonds

In his compelling video essay, Dhruv Rathee meticulously dissects the intricacies of India’s Electoral Bonds, exposing what many consider to be one of the most profound scams in the nation’s history. Electoral Bonds, introduced by the Indian government in 2018, were purportedly designed to cleanse political funding by providing a mechanism for donors to contribute to political parties anonymously.

Rathee begins his exposition by elucidating the opaque nature of Electoral Bonds, highlighting how they facilitate clandestine transactions between wealthy donors and political parties, shielding the identities of the former from public scrutiny. This secrecy, Rathee argues, fosters an environment ripe for corruption, as political parties are free to accept funds without disclosing the source.

Delving deeper, Rathee reveals the symbiotic relationship between corporate entities and political parties, wherein the former wield their financial prowess to influence policymaking and curry favor with the latter. Electoral Bonds, he contends, serve as a conduit through which corporations can funnel vast sums of money to political parties, effectively purchasing influence and shaping the nation’s legislative agenda to suit their interests.

Moreover, Rathee elucidates the lack of transparency and accountability surrounding Electoral Bonds, emphasizing the absence of any mechanism for tracking the flow of funds or monitoring how they are utilized by political parties. This opacity, he asserts, not only undermines the principles of democracy but also erodes public trust in the political process, leaving ordinary citizens disenfranchised and voiceless in the face of entrenched power dynamics.

Drawing parallels with historical instances of corruption and cronyism, Rathee posits that Electoral Bonds represent a watershed moment in India’s democratic journey, symbolizing the triumph of vested interests over the collective will of the people. He implores viewers to recognize the gravity of this issue and mobilize for systemic change, advocating for greater transparency, accountability, and campaign finance reform to safeguard the integrity of India’s democracy.

In conclusion, Dhruv Rathee’s impassioned exposé on Electoral Bonds serves as a poignant reminder of the perils of unchecked political financing and the imperative of reclaiming democracy from the clutches of vested interests. By shedding light on this egregious abuse of power, Rathee ignites a call to action for all citizens to demand accountability and uphold the principles of fairness, transparency, and equality in the political arena.

Staff Writer, Naveed Uddin Khan

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