Drop in COVID distress calls to govt. hospitals

The marginal drop in COVID patient load at government hospitals has brought down distress calls and work load on doctors, nurses, and other Health Care Workers (HCW). While ICU beds in hospitals continue to be full, hundreds of oxygen beds are available at hospitals for the last few days.

Earlier, doctors, nurses and other Health Care Workers (HCW) were completely occupied in the 8-12 hour shifts. Now, the work load has dropped marginally. Nodal officers at major government hospitals said that distress calls at late nights too, have come down.

COVID-19 nodal officer at District Hospital in King Koti Dr. M. Mallikarjun said that they used to receive around 150 to 200 calls everyday seeking beds.

“Now, it dropped to around 20 to 30 calls. Around 150 non-ICU beds were available on Sunday. So we can admit if 15 patients (with oxygen requirement or shortness of breath) want admission at a time,” he said.

COVID nodal officer at Government General and Chest Hospital Dr. M. Narender said that it used to take them around five to ten minutes to sort out one call. Back and forth calls were made to inquire patients’ details such as severity of the infectious disease, oxygen saturation levels, and other parameters.

Earlier, on many occasions, attendants were told that beds were full at the Chest Hospital. “Now, we ask people to bring patients if someone in non-severe condition is in need of an oxygen bed,” said Dr. Narender.

Director of Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences Dr. Vimala Thomas said that work related stress has dropped marginally.

“We used to pace from one patient to another without a break in 8-12 hours’ shift. Now, the work load has dropped a little,” said Dr. M. Naresh, president of the Telangana Senior Resident Doctors’ Association (TSRDA).

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