Delhi Riots: ‘Those Calling Him Traitor Are Fools,’ Says Athar Khan’s Father

COVID 19 Updates Delhi Riots: 'Those Calling Him Traitor Are Fools,' Says Athar Khan's Father

Athar was called for an investigation by the special cell of the Delhi police on 2 July, 2020.

“We got a call informing us that Athar has been detained. On 3 July, news headlines read that Athar was arrested from his house in Chand Bagh. Athar had gone to the police station himself, so from which house did they arrest him? It is obvious that the police are lying,” alleged Athar’s father.

On being asked what he thought when people like Athar or Umar Khalid were called traitors, Afzal Khan said, “My son is a patriot. Those who consider people like him to be anti-nationals or traitors are fools.”

On being asked how society has reacted to the arrest of Athar, his father said that society has become silent due to fear.

“Our relatives have stopped coming to our house. Many of them have even blocked our number, perhaps due to the fear that they may also get arrested. However, everyone knows who instigated the riot to end protests against the CAA and who gave provocative speeches.”

Afzal Khan further said that his business contacts have mostly been Hindus. “I have many Hindu friends as well. However, only one of them speaks to me. Perhaps the others think that we are traitors, and hence choose not to talk to me,” he said.

“One of the children in our neighbourhood told another that they will celebrate Independence Day on 15 August. He then said to a Muslim child, ‘Why would you celebrate Independence Day? It’s not your country. You are a Pakistani’. When such things have seeped into the minds of children, then just imagine how much hatred is there among elders,” he added.

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