Declutter Your Digital Life: A Vital Addition to Your New Year Bucket List

Introduction: Digital Life

As we embark on a new year filled with resolutions to shed stubborn fat, read more books, and manage our finances wisely, there’s one crucial addition cybersecurity experts are urging us to consider – decluttering our digital devices. The accumulation of digital clutter, often overlooked amidst our busy lives, poses potential security risks. Let’s explore why addressing this issue is imperative and how to incorporate digital decluttering into our New Year resolutions.

Understanding Digital Clutter:

In the age of smartphones and constant connectivity, we download numerous apps daily, many of which go unused. Our digital data – photos, videos, and documents – accumulates at an alarming rate, often without us monitoring storage limits. Cybersecurity experts warn that neglecting digital clutter on our devices could lead to security challenges.

According to Jaydeep Singh, General Manager for South Asia at Kaspersky, users typically install more apps than they delete each month, resulting in a buildup of unused and idle digital junk. This digital clutter, when left unattended, becomes a potential security risk for individuals and businesses alike.

The Impact of Poor User Maintenance:

Kaspersky’s data reveals that a significant percentage of users do not regularly revise the contents of their devices. In 55% of cases, people review and delete unused files and apps, while 32% occasionally sort through their digital clutter. Shockingly, in 13% of cases, users do not make any effort to delete unnecessary files or apps.

The Security Risk:

The rapid creation of digital documents and files in our increasingly digital world contributes to the security risk associated with digital clutter. It is crucial for individuals to be educated on effective digital asset management to mitigate potential security threats.

Recommended Solutions:

To combat digital clutter, Jaydeep Singh suggests using solutions like Hard Disk Cleaner and Health Monitor to remove duplicate and large files from PCs. For Android phones, decluttering unused apps is essential. These solutions not only optimize device performance but also provide alerts about potential hard drive crashes, allowing users to back up their data promptly.

Additionally, these solutions help in turning off data-hungry apps, preventing certain apps from launching at startup, and prompting users to install essential updates for enhanced security.

Minimizing Data Leaks:

In the era of constant cyber threats, minimizing data leaks is paramount. Users can protect themselves by providing minimal information to non-critical services, particularly online stores and commercial digital services. This includes avoiding unnecessary details like last names and social media accounts, as well as utilizing disposable email addresses and phone numbers for online registrations.


As we embark on a journey to achieve our New Year resolutions, let’s not forget the digital realm. Decluttering our digital devices is not just about creating more space; it’s a crucial step in securing our personal and sensitive information. By incorporating digital decluttering into our resolutions, we not only optimize device performance but also contribute to a safer and more secure digital environment for ourselves and those around us.

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