Cyberabad CP Avinash Mohanty Extends Heartfelt Congratulations to Rajendranagar Police Station for Clinching Best Police Station Award from Home Ministry

CP Avinash Mohanty

In a proud moment for the Cyberabad Police, Commissioner Avinash Mohanty extended heartfelt congratulations to Rajendranagar Inspector B. Nagendra Babu and his dedicated team for securing the prestigious Best Police Station Award from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Commending the remarkable achievement, Commissioner Mohanty expressed his admiration for the unwavering dedication and hard work exhibited by the entire team at Rajendranagar Police Station. “This achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the entire team at Rajendranagar Police Station. Their commitment to serving the community and upholding the law is an inspiration to all,” said Commissioner Mohanty during the congratulatory message on Thursday.

The accolade was presented by Union Home Minister Amit Shah on January 5 at the Director Generals Conference held in Jaipur. Rajendranagar Police Station was recognized as the best police station in the country for the year 2023, emerging victorious among the 17,000 entries received from police stations across the nation.

The Home Ministry’s evaluation process for the award took into consideration various parameters, including crime detection rate, investigation quality, community engagement, infrastructure maintenance, and adherence to human rights guidelines. The rigorous assessment was carried out through the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS), a comprehensive system facilitating real-time information sharing among police stations nationwide.

Out of the multitude of entries, 75 police stations were shortlisted for further evaluation, and Rajendranagar Police Station stood out as the epitome of excellence in policing.

The award underscores the significance of the Rajendranagar Police Station’s commitment to maintaining law and order, ensuring the safety of the community, and fostering positive relations with the public. The recognition is a source of pride for not only the police personnel but also for the residents of Rajendranagar and the entire Cyberabad region.

As the accolades pour in, the Cyberabad Police Commissioner, Avinash Mohanty, expressed confidence that the achievement of Rajendranagar Police Station would serve as an inspiration for other law enforcement agencies across the nation to strive for excellence in their respective domains.

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