Creating A Safer Workplace Beyond The HR Cubicle

COVID 19 Updates Creating A Safer Workplace Beyond The HR Cubicle

The discussion around Diversity and Inclusion is often restricted to the different stages of the hiring process.

Firms often forget that hiring candidates from across the spectrum is only a stepping stone. But solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community also means building a safer, acceptable, and a more inclusive ecosystem. In her article, Manisha notes that organizations struggle to put a framework for such policies in place.

Furthermore, Accenture has also learned that creation of Employee Resource Groups encourages people to network and help each other in their journeys. Manisha discusses the multiple opportunities under the umbrella of their Inclusive Internship Program.

But they can only be successful when mentors acknowledge the lived experiences of persons who identify as LGBTQ+. What are some ways in which recruiters can actively engage with their employees and how can they ensure their physical, emotional and mental well-being?

Visit here to read Manisha’s entire article and learn what are the other ways in which you make your workplace truly equal and inclusive.

[This article was authored by Manisha Dubey, Global Business Transformation Lead for Procurement, Supply Chain & Talent/HR at Accenture. It is re-published in association with The Quint as part of the #PrideAndProgress campaign.]

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