Cotton crop inundated in Roddam, Chitravathi overflowing

COVID 19 Updates Cotton crop inundated in Roddam, Chitravathi overflowing

Heavy rains in Karnataka in the catchment area of the Chitravathi river have led to the overflowing of several structures on the river in Sri Sathya Sai District on Saturday, as heavy inflows were witnessed.

Many mandals in the district too witnessed good rains with Madakasira recording 40 mm rain till 8.30 a.m. on Saturday, with Bathalapalli recording the highest 42.6 mm and Ramagiri 37 mm.

Heavy rains have led to the inundation of crops in several mandals and Roddam was one among them, where 9 mm of rain was recorded.

The cotton fields of Rajappa in Gaurujapalli in Roddam mandal were under a sheet of water on Saturday. He had sown cotton in four acres, while it had come to the flowering stage, and that of others sown recently also were also under threat of damage. Rajappa had spent ₹1 lakh on sowing cotton.

The Agriculture Department officials, however, said that water would recede in a day or two and if remained stagnant even after that, damage would be enumerated.

Heavy rainfall was recorded in Kosigi (40.8 mm), Peddakadubur (88.4 mm), Yemmiganur (59.4 mm), and Aspari (39.6 mm) and surrounding mandals in western Kurnool district. No damage to crops was reported from the Kurnool district, but it rained heavily both in Nandyal and Kurnool district on Saturday also.

In Anantapur district, Pamidi recorded 65 mm of rain, Bukkarayasamudra (44.2 mm), Narpala 31.6 mm and Tadipatri 26.6 mm. 

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