Commissioner’s Task Force Thwarts Murder Plot: Foils Conspiracy in Hyderabad

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In a swift and decisive operation, the Commissioner’s Task Force (south) team successfully thwarted a murder conspiracy in Hyderabad, apprehending three individuals who were allegedly planning to execute a deadly plot against a notorious figure. The suspects, identified as Mohd Asad (30), a rowdy sheeter of Kalapather, Mohd Hussain (22), a suspect sheeter of Kalapather, and B Anarkali (40), were caught red-handed with a cache of weapons.

Acting on a tip-off, the Task Force, in collaboration with the Kalapather police, conducted a strategic operation to apprehend the conspirators. During the operation, a tapancha, three live rounds, and two knives were seized from the arrested individuals. However, Anarkali’s husband, Julfi Singh, remains at large and is currently being sought by law enforcement.

The prime target of the foiled plot was identified as Ashwaq, a rowdy sheeter associated with the Kalapather police station. According to the police, longstanding enmity between Asad and Ashwaq fueled the sinister plan, with Asad allegedly orchestrating the conspiracy to eliminate his rival.

“Asad and Ashwaq have a history of animosity, and the former devised a plan to eliminate him. Asad had procured weapons with the assistance of the other three individuals,” explained the police spokesperson.

The swift action by the Task Force has averted a potential threat to public safety and the escalation of gang-related violence in the Kalapather area. All arrested individuals have been handed over to the Kalapather police station for further legal proceedings.

The successful operation showcases the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies in Hyderabad to maintain peace and order, ensuring the safety of residents. Investigations are underway to apprehend Julfi Singh, and authorities are determined to bring all those involved in the murder conspiracy to justice.

Residents and local businesses are encouraged to remain vigilant and cooperate with law enforcement authorities to ensure the continued safety of the community. The Hyderabad police have reiterated their commitment to cracking down on criminal activities and maintaining a secure environment for all citizens.

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