CJI Chandrachud terms FRT risks in integration of AI in court proceedings

Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud on Saturday said that
the integration of AI in modern processes, including court proceedings, raised complex ethical, legal and practical considerations that demanded a thorough examination.

Speaking at the two-day conference on Technology and Judicial Dialogue at the premises of the Supreme Court of India, organised in collaboration with the Singaporean Supreme Court, the CJI said there were risks in adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in the legal profession and the society as a whole, giving the example of increased use of biometrics, specifically facial recognition technology (FRT).

Facial recognition technology (FRT) served as a prime example of high-risk AI, given its inherently intrusive nature and potential for misuse, he added.

The CJI stressed that one cannot avoid the question of using AI in court adjudication.

However, the use of AI in court adjudication presented both opportunities and challenges that warrant nuanced deliberation, noted CJI Chandrachud.

He said the impact of bias in AI systems presented a complex challenge, particularly when it came to indirect discrimination. This form of discrimination occured when seemingly neutral policies or algorithms disproportionately affected certain groups, thereby undermining their rights and protections.

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