Chhattisgarh: Police Opens Fire on Protesting Villagers, Kills 3

“My father was an ordinary villager. He was not a Maoist. The police are spreading lies after they have killed my father. We never saw him getting involved with any Maoists or accompanying them. He was a normal villager who lived a normal life,” lamented Kawasi Nandu, son of Kawasi Waga, who was allegedly killed in police firing at a protest site in the Bijapur-Sukma border, Chhattisgarh.

Villagers from nearby had gathered in thousands to protest against a new police camp in Silger, Sukma district, that became operational last week. On Friday, 14 May, a little ruckus was reported as the police tried to end the protests using force. But the protests continued. On Monday, 17 May, however, they opened fire, killing three villagers on the spot and injuring as many as 18 others.

Villagers with the injured on the road. Nearly 18 people have been reported to sustain injuries after Chhattisgarh police allegedly opened fire on the protesting villagers.
(Photo Courtesy: Vishnukant Tiwari)

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