By Paulo Coelho: A new book of parables on faith, self-reflection, and transformation

The disciple went to see his master.

“For years now I have sought enlightenment,” he said. “I feel I am very close now, but I want to know what my next step should be.”

“How do you earn your living?” asked the master.

“I’ve never yet had to earn my living, because my mother and father have always supported me, but that’s a mere detail.”

“Your next step is to look at the sun for half a minute,” said the master.

The disciple obeyed.

When he had done as he was told, he was asked by the master to describe the countryside around him.

“I can’t see a thing, because the sun blinded me,” said the disciple.

“A man who seeks only the light and hands all his responsibilities to others will never find enlightenment. A man who keeps his eyes fixed only on the sun will end up blind,” said the master.

A man was walking along a valley in the Pyrenees when he met an old shepherd. He shared his food with him, and they talked for a long time about life.

The man said that, if he were to believe in God, he would also have to believe that he had no free will, since God would govern his…

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