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Prime Day 2021 MacBook Deals.

Amazon’s Prime Day sales event is coming up fast. In hardly any time at all, we’ll be rounding up all the best Prime Day deals going on and helping you get the best bargain to enhance your life. For now, though, when it comes to Prime Day MacBook deals, we’re checking out when the deals are going to begin, where we’re anticipating the best Prime Day MacBook deals, and whether you should even be considering buying a MacBook during Prime Day 2022. Getting you set up nicely for one of the biggest sales events of the year will mean you’ll be delighted with whatever you decide to purchase. Planning is everything! Read on while we guide you through what you need to know.

When do the Prime Day MacBook deals start?

Recently, Amazon confirmed the Prime Day 2022 date to be July 12 and July 13. That’s a return to Amazon’s traditional birthday celebration slot of July. The company was founded on July 5, 1994, and since 2015, Amazon has placed its Prime Day event in July because of that. There have only been two notable exceptions. Back in 2020, Prime Day was moved to October due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, in 2021, it happened June 21-22 instead of its usual July slot.

Back in its regular time of mid-July, Prime Day 2022 is likely to be a huge deal for anyone looking for a great bargain. Also, Amazon has stated it will offer early Prime Day deals too to build up the excitement.

Where are the best Prime Day MacBook deals?

The star of the show for Prime Day deals is Amazon. After all, it’s the company’s big sales event. It frequently rivals Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and is easily one to watch. Throughout the year, Amazon often discounts Apple products like MacBooks, as they are such highly sought-after items. It makes perfect sense to see even bigger discounts during Prime Day. However, Prime Day is exclusive to Amazon Prime members. If you don’t have a membership (or don’t want one), you’re going to miss out on Prime Day MacBook deals.

Fortunately, many other retailers get involved with Prime Day to take advantage of the sentiment that encourages customers to buy more during the sales period. Two major retailers to be aware of are Best Buy and Walmart. Both are known for offering reasonable MacBook discounts throughout the year, but expect them to potentially be better than before during Prime Day. They also both have the advantage of sometimes allowing you to pick up your new MacBook in-store after buying online.

Alternatively, some other retailers can be worth considering. Apple rarely has any kind of sale or discounts on its products, but it’s worth looking at retailers like Newegg, Adorama, and B&H Photo Video to see what they may offer. We’re not counting on their deals to be as strong as the likes of Amazon or Best Buy, but if you have a specific MacBook in mind, you may find it by looking further afield.

Ultimately, Amazon will be the standout place for Prime Day MacBook deals, but there’s never any harm in shopping around to spot a better deal. In particular, older models can sometimes be cheaper elsewhere, providing you know what you’re looking for.

Should you buy a MacBook on Prime Day 2022?

As with any purchase, only you really know if you need a MacBook. If you’ve been checking out the best MacBooks out there and you know it’s for you, then Prime Day 2022 is a great time to buy one. If you’ve owned a MacBook before, you know how long-lasting they are as well as how easy they are to use. Alternatively, if this is your first time diving into macOS, Prime Day sales mean you’ll spend a lot less to reap the benefits.

It’s a good idea to do your research. Check out our MacBook Air review and MacBook Pro review to consider what will work best for you. All the latest MacBooks have Apple’s new M1 chip, so whatever you choose, you’ll get fast performance and great battery life. Decisions mostly come down to what screen size you want as well as how lightweight you need it to be.

Once you know you definitely want a MacBook, Prime Day deals are one of the best times to buy one. That’s because Amazon tends to heavily discount the most sought-after devices, and that definitely includes MacBooks. Because of that, you’re likely to get the best deal this side of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Typically, Prime Day deals are on a par with the classic sales event around Thanksgiving, with the added benefit of getting to enjoy your new MacBook straight away without having to wait for the holidays to enjoy it.

Buying now also means you won’t have to worry about finding more cash for an expensive purchase right around the ever-expensive holiday season. The only downside really is that new models may be announced later in the year, but if you follow that logic, you’ll always be waiting and never actually buying a new MacBook.

A MacBook is a fairly expensive purchase to make, so be sure that you’re buying the right one for you. Far from an impulse purchase, you need to do your research before you dive into the sales. Check that the MacBook you’re buying is the latest model (or heavily discounted to reflect it isn’t) so you’re guaranteed of a future-proofed device that will last you many years to come.

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