Bachchan Gets Second Vaccine Dose, Writes About His Relief Work

Bachchan also mentioned that he had donated for a 25-bedded centre in Juhu.

25-bedded centre in Juhu.
(Photo Courtesy: Amitabh Bachchan’s blog)

The senior actor also added that he is talking about his contribution to the COVID-19 relief work not for any praise but to assure everyone that his funds are being used constructively. Bachchan also stressed that he has not made any attempt to collect money through campaigns or donations.

“I give wherever I can .. my means are extremely limited .. it may not seem so , but they are .. somehow by the grace of the Almighty they come to me .. I have not made any effort to collect them through campaigns or donations to a cause that I may have instituted .. I just feel asking someone for funds is embarrassing for me .. yes there have been events in the past where the voice is for contributing, but I feel uncomfortable to ask , to contribute .. I may have partaken in the event as a voice over, but never directly asked to give or contribute .. and if there have been such unseen or unknown incidents then I seek forgiveness ..

I have, not out of seeking praise, given descriptions of the work done this time, but just to assure all, of the delivery and the visuals of where the funds have been used and to what avail .. that they are not just blank promises ..

There have been many such campaigns and events where the organisers have collected funds for most worthy causes .. and that is most laudable .. but with all due respect and modesty, at times the amount that I have personally individually donated, matches the funds collected out of the campaigns ..

I did not ask .. I gave ..”

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