At Least 50,000 Extra Indian Troops Deployed Along Chinese Border

That includes a lighter footprint involving more helicopters to airlift soldiers from valley to valley along with artillery pieces like the M777 howitzer built by BAE Systems Inc.

Meanwhile, it is not clear how many Chinese soldiers are present at the border but China’s People’s Liberation Army has also recently called up additional forces from Tibet, to be stationed at the Xinjiang Military Command, which is responsible for patrolling disputed territories along the Himalayas, Bloomberg reported.

Two people also told the news publication that the world’s biggest economy is adding new runway buildings, bomb-proof bunkers for fighter jets and new airfields along Tibet’s border.

Long-range artillery, tanks, rocket regiments and twin-engine fighters have also been reportedly installed on the border in the past few months.

As per Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, who addressed a press meet on Monday, “The current situation on the border between China and India is generally stable and the two sides are negotiating to resolve relevant border issues,” Bloomberg reported.

He added, “In this context, the words, deeds and military deployments of relevant military and political leaders should help ease the situation and increase mutual trust between the two sides, not the other way around.”

However, he emphasised that miscalculations with heightened military presence can lead to an even deadlier dispute.

DS Hooda, a lieutenant general and former Northern Army commander in India, reiterated: “Having so many soldiers on either side is risky when border management protocols have broken down,” adding, “A small local incident could spiral out of control with unintended consequences.”

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