Antolin Nexus: disruptive inner door panel concept

Antolin’s North American Innovation Department has pushed the boundaries of door complexity reduction while offering a new virtual concept properly designed to meet the desires of any client around the world.

Nexus is an innovative proposition for inner door panels offering avant-garde and intelligent solutions to OEMs. Nexus is made up with a high recycled content polymer, while the door also includes monomaterial parts and natural or bio-sourcing coverings.

With its alliance with key partners as Walter Pack (smart surfaces) or PersiSKIN (vegetal skin for interior trim), Antolin wants to evolve the solutions comprised in the door panel from sustainable materials (natural, recycled or recyclable) to valuable technologies (enhancing user experience).

The four visions offered by Nexus are suitable for any kind of mobility and driving modes:
E-sential Line, where affordability meets quality.
Premium Line, for upgrading the mobility experience.
Car Sharing, creating an own space. 
Self-Driving, comfort on board.

HMI, sensing and intuitive touch technologies
Depending on the vision chosen, E-sential, Premium, Car Sharing or Self-Driving, the different features available can be added to create a personal space inside the car adapted to user’s needs: a 3D hologram driving assistance system provides key information when needed while the backlit solutions allow to generate new light ambiences or to communicate with the passengers. Nexus also features a new visual and tactile interface and an active mirroring thanks to a smart decorative surface.

Thermal comfort is achieved thanks to a learning and predictive system which implies energy efficiency. The door pocket has been reinvented as a versatile plug and play element and an additional storage area has been implemented that can act as a sanitization compartment for personal goods.

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