Anmol Bishnoi claims responsibility in social media post

Anmol Bishnoi, the brother of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, has purportedly claimed responsibility for the shooting outside the home of Bollywood actor Salman Khan on Sunday morning.

Anmol, who is wanted in India and is believed to be living abroad, referred to the firing as a “trailer” in a Facebook post. He also warned the actor in the social media post.

The social media post which was written in Hindi reads, “We want peace. If the only decision against oppression is war, then be it. Salman Khan, we have only shown you a trailer so that you understand our strength and do not test it. This is the first and last warning. After this, bullets will not be fired outside the house only. I do not have a habit of talking too much,” the post read.

Two unidentified motorcyclists opened fire outside Bollywood actor Salman Khan`s home early Sunday morning, prompting police to beef up security and initiate a search for the suspects, an official said.

At around 5 am, two people shot four bullets outside the Galaxy Apartments in Mumbai`s Bandra West, where the actor lives, before fleeing.

Following the incident, the Mumbai Police stepped up security outside Salman Khan`s home, and police were collecting footage from CCTV cameras near his home to identify the suspects.

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