Amid Criticism, Centre Attempts to Dispel ‘Myths’ on Central Vista

Addressing some of these allegations, the government wrote, “Rs 20,000 crore is a gross rough estimate of all the development work… till date, only two projects of the New Parliament Building with tendered cost Rs 862 crore and Redevelopment of Central Vista Avenue with tendered cost of Rs 477 crore have been awarded and works are underway. Expenditure incurred on these two projects till March 2021 is Rs 195 crore and budget provision for 2021-22 is Rs 790 crore.”

The document said the actual cost of the other projects will be known after detailed project reports are prepared.

Many have raised questions about the government spending Rs 20,000 crore on the project, at a time when India is facing a severe crisis in the health sector.

Recently, a petition was also filed in the Delhi High Court asking for a temporary halt in the construction work in view of the public health crisis, as the second wave of COVID ravaged India.

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