Ahead of trial run of pumps, Channkha-Korata gets nod for EC

COVID 19 Updates Ahead of trial run of pumps, Channkha-Korata gets nod for EC

An expert committee of the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has recommended environmental clearance (EC) to Channakha-Korata (Rudha) Barrage for construction of common components of the barrage and canal works in Telangana. The panel has also agreed to issue terms of reference (ToR) for the appraisal of Sitammasagar multi-purpose project.

While recommending the EC for Channakha-Korata, the panel specified that all necessary clearances and permissions be obtained by Maharashtra for taking up the project works, construction of pressure mains, which is at a primitive stage and yet to be accorded administrative sanction, in its territory. Irrigation authorities of Telangana informed that lifting of water from the barrage proposed by Maharashtra is incommensurable to the stage of works in Telangana.

The project works in Telangana aimed at irrigating about 51,000 acres in two phases are in the advanced stage of completion. The cost of the joint project, main components of the project including construction and barrage and two pump houses, is being completely borne by Telangana.

According to the irrigation authorities, the project was taken up after signing of an agreement by the two States at an inter-state board meeting held at Mumbai on August 23, 2016. “As per that pact, it was decided to share barrage water in the 80:20 ratio by Telangana and Maharashtra for irrigating 13,500 acres and 3,000 acres, respectively, in the two States. For availing its share of water Maharashtra has to construct pressure mains near Sunkadi village in Yavatmal district”, the official said.

The project was taken up with an estimated cost of ₹368 crore with a barrage having storage capacity of 0.8 tmc ft and it was later increased to 1.5 tmc ft taking the cost to ₹700 crore. Construction of the pump house with six motors – 3 with 5.5 megawatt capacity each and three more with 12 megawatt capacity each – has also been completed with the work going on for trial run now.

The first part of the pump house is designed to serve an ayacut of 13,500 acres and the second part for irrigating another 37,500 acres.

“Efforts are on to give water to the ayacut at least for the rabi crop this year although the land acquisition for distributaries is yet to be completed”, an irrigation official said adding that the project would serve irrigation needs of 14 villages of Tamsi, Jainath and Bheempur mandals of Adilabad district. On Maharashtra side, the project is likely to irrigate 3,000 acres ayacut in Kelapur tehsil of Yavatmal district.

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