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 After eviction Uma Devi asks Lobo and Lahari to improve and prove themselves 

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu After eviction Uma Devi asks Lobo and Lahari to improve and prove themselves

Sarayu was evicted from the Bigg Boss house during the 1st week. Later in the second week, it was Uma Devi who said bye bye to the house.  She got evicted in the recent episode of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu, which is being hosted by King Nagarjuna. In her post eviction interaction, Uma Devi revealed that a few contestants insulted Lobo in the Bigg Boss house and Uma asked Lobo to prove himself and encouraged him to perform better in the house.

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Uma Devi said to Lahari that she is weak in tasks and she asked to improve on it. She also said to Shailaja Priya to play safe in the house.

 The sources revealed that Maanas, Priyan, Lahari, Priyanka Singh and Sreerama Chandra are in the nominations of the 3rd week. Priya and Priyanka Singh were in the nominations during the second week. Maanas and Lahari have also faced nominations already. This is the first time, playback signer Sreerama Chandra is in the nomination.

Seven contestants Kajal, Lobo, Nataraj,  Priyanka, Anee, and Shailaja Priya were nominated for eviction in the second week. Uma Devi was one of the most aggressive contestants of the 5th season and came across as a rude person for contestants like Priyanka Singh.

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