Added Restrictions and Testing For Indians at Tokyo Olympics

No Contact With Others For First Three Days

Last week, the organisers issued an advisory which instructed India, among other countries, ‘not to interact or train with athlete(s) from another country’ for the first three days after their arrival in Tokyo. This effectively would mean athletes would be allowed to train and eat in common areas only two days before the start of the Olympics.

“Athletes are allowed to arrive in the Games village only five days before their event,” IOA president Narinder Batra and secretary Rajeev Mehta said in a joint statement released one day after the announcement.

“Now three days will be wasted, this is the time the athletes need to be moving towards their mode to peak… highly unfair for Indian athletes, who have worked hard for five years, to be discriminated against just five days before the Olympics.”

“Where and when will the athletes have their breakfast, lunch, dinner during these three days, as everyone has food in the Games village food hall where all athletes and officials of other NOCs (National  Olympic Committees) are present all the time,” the statement added.

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