A Damning Letter and Lots of Pardons: 3 Takeaways From the Fifth Jan 6 Hearing

COVID 19 Updates A Damning Letter and Lots of Pardons: 3 Takeaways From the Fifth Jan 6 Hearing

The hearing revealed a Trump plot within the Justice Department that aimed at overturning the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The official at the center of this was Jeff Clarke, a Trump-supporting environmental lawyer working at the DoJ.

Of course, the department had already concluded that no fraud had occurred in the election at all. For sending this letter, however, “Donald Trump offered Clark the job of the acting attorney general, replacing Jeffrey Rosen (attorney general from December 2020 to January 2021), with the understanding that Clark would send this letter and take other actions the president requested,” said Representative Liz Cheney, the House Committee’s Republican vice chair.

The letter was never reached any Republican state.

Rosen and Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue refused to sign it. In fact, a White House counsel said at the time that the “toxic” letter should never be seen again because making it public would be a “murder-suicide.”

Another man to be implicated in this scandal is former Trump aide Kenneth Klukowski, a recent joinee at the Justice Department, whose email, according to Cheney, suggests that he “was simultaneously working with Jeffrey Clark to draft the proposed letter to Georgia officials to overturn their certified election and working with Dr Eastman (a pro-Trump lawyer) to help pressure the vice president to overturn the election.

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